Creating The Perfect Study Environment

PerlegoBy Perlego25th March 20196 Minutes

It doesn’t matter how many years you’re in education, one thing remains the same -. you have to study. You have to find the perfect place, way, and routine of learning and digesting as much information as you possibly can, to get to where you need to be.

So, how do we manage to put ourselves in the best position to do this? A big part of setting up a successful study session is making sure where you are is set up as productively as possible. Here are some tips:


  1. Recreate your perfect study room – Chances are you’ve got one particular place or room that you find yourself being able to learn/work the best. But it might not always be possible to access it – especially if it’s a communal area like a library etc. Your best option is to think about what specifically about that space works so well for you and ensure that you have these factors wherever you’re studying.


  1. Study fuel (food) – Are you a study snacker? Or do you need a big meal before taking in lots of information? Plan ahead – make sure you’ve got some kind of fuel available for you. Whatever works for you, make sure it’s readily available and in your study space, or close enough for you to grab in a 15-minute break.


  1. Lighting – Ideally, the best kind of light for studying is natural light. It somehow makes us more productive by default. This is an important factor, as lighting can affect everything from our eyesight to our energy levels. So be sure to keep this in mind when finding your space.


  1.  Sound – This one is fairly easy – if you find its a quiet space that works best for you, find somewhere quiet (or,  grab some noise cancelling headphones and head somewhere that rarely gets busy). If you’re the opposite and you find that music or just general life noise works best for you, make sure you place yourself where you’re likely to find it (or again, headphones with music playing). You can even find lots of study soundtracks and playlists online.


  1. Knowing when to walk away – This might sound strange, but it’s really important to be able to leave your study place and have it separate to your chill space. It helps you avoid turning to distractions (i.e Netflix), it helps you to compartmentalise and dictates how well you use the space to your studying advantages. It means you’re more likely to only use and associate this particular place with learning, which will be really beneficial.


There are lots of ways to encourage a functional studying environment, all of these and also making sure that the minute you associate your chosen space with negativity or dread, or you’re finding it impossible to focus it’s time to find somewhere else.