Meet The Team: The Ellie Chapter

PerlegoBy Perlego14th June 20196 Minutes

In the first instalment of our Meet The Team blog posts, we say hello to Ellie.

Ellie joined us in March this year, as a Software engineer. She’s not only been an incredible asset to the Perlego team professionally, but she’s also fit in really quickly, and gotten along with everyone here perfectly. Read a little bit more about her below:


  1. What do you do at Perlego?

I’m a software developer in the product team. I’ve been here for 3 months and have so far worked on two development projects. The first was building the new Publisher portal, which was a really small team where I was immediately treated as a long-standing team member (which I liked as no one likes to be the newbie!) The team made me feel really comfortable and gave me loads of help whilst I settled in and with their support was managing to contribute to the product from day 1! I thought this was great for starting at a company, as it usually takes me a few weeks to get my head around the environment. Since then I’ve moved onto another more difficult project (bumped up to expert mode as Callum likes to call it) which is challenging but in quite a satisfying way.


  1.  What does a day at Perlego look like for you?

Coding, coffee’s, catch ups, meetings, company lunches and Juni cuddles (the office dog). I’d say they’re the main contributors to my day, with some slight variations. The whole structure of the teams are based on constant planning and communication, but also whilst being the most beneficial to each individual team member (meaning we’re on a flexi-time basis which is great for the ever-changing London commute). The majority of the time I’m doing whatever needs doing (usually coding) to help my team deliver software and meet business deadlines, but I sometimes get pulled to other areas of the company to lend a hand or share my knowledge where needed.


  1. What made you want to pursue a career as a Software engineer?

It wasn’t actually a job I chose, rather one that I kind of fell into. In 6th form, I ran into my (very intimidating) ICT teacher at a spin class days after I had dropped ICT at A-level. She spent the whole 45 minutes lecturing me about it and by the end of the class had convinced/pressured me into taking computing instead. I ended up really enjoying it and it all continued from there.


  1. What is your favourite book on Perlego (so far)?

Confession time, I haven’t actually finished a book on the platform yet (but I’ve tested about a thousand of them). I’m a serial start a book, read a few chapters then move on kind of person which means my lifetime books read count is pretty appalling. But the one I’m currently reading and really enjoying is “Hidden Figures”, it’s a fantastic story and I’d recommend it to anyone who has an interest in history and science.  


  1. What do you like best about your job?

I love the team. I’ve never joined a group of people and felt comfortable so quickly and I felt the company really tried their best to make me feel as welcome as I could be. We do loads of fun stuff like Friday food, the team holiday, after work drinks, ping pong matches and, of course, there’s Juni!


  1. Tell us a random Ellie fact.

I once queued up for 9 and a half hours to audition for star wars (in the rain) without having any acting experience and I’d only watched half the films.

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