Smart Studying: Coping With Coursework

Freya WhitesideBy Freya Whiteside18th June 20194 Minutes

Exam season can be a minefield for students’ mental health. If revising for hours of exams wasn’t bad enough already, the end of term can also entail numerous coursework deadlines, or for final year students, a seemingly never-ending dissertation. Before you submit those last essays, here’s our guide for looking after both yourself and your grades.


Perspective, not perfectionism

If your coursework or dissertation is heavily weighted, working towards the grade you want can feel like the only thing that matters. Don’t forget that one piece of work, and your degree itself, is just one part of your life and success. The end of your degree isn’t the end of your life!


Own your process

We all have a friend who claims to be stress-free about coursework, managing their time with a military schedule, stacks of highlighters, and their own seat in the library. Don’t compare your work with other students. Everybody’s perfect working conditions are different, so know what’s right for you rather than worrying about how others study.  


Keep friends close

When it feels like you and your essay against the world, spending time with your friends reminds you that deadlines are tough for everyone. Before deciding that your essay is unsalvageable, check in with friends: they’re a great source of free proofreading, confidence boosting, and will remind you of your summer plans waiting after submissions.


Cite now, not later 

Nobody likes checking the tiny details of their references or compiling their bibliography. It’s boring, precise and repetitive work that is made much worse when you leave it to the last minute. Nevertheless, it’s an important task that if done incorrectly can amount to plagiarism. Citing throughout your coursework process helps cut out the stress, with Perlego’s citation tool making referencing effortless.


There are no stupid questions! 

Expert help is on hand. If you’re struggling with stress or can’t figure out your essay, talk to your supervisor. From specialist knowledge, wider reading recommendations or helping you access extenuating circumstances or deadline extensions, arranging meetings with your tutors will help you handle coursework season. Need some small advice before your deadline? A quick email can solve your problem.