Study at Home Strategies

PerlegoBy Perlego15th April 20208 Minutes

As schools, universities and libraries across the world close their doors in the wake of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, students are being left to their own devices.

While the odd pyjama day is great, this is not the time for a long, lazy holiday on the couch. Studying shouldn’t stop just because your classes have.

The team at Perlego, the online library that’s always open, have pulled together a few of our favourite ways to make the most of studying from home…

Find somewhere ‘focused’ to work

Studies have shown that location and environment make a huge difference to our productivity and concentration levels.

It’s no good trying to study in bed – you’ll either fall asleep, or struggle to separate ‘work time’ from ‘me time’.

Find a light, quiet, spacious, distraction-free zone and set out your stuff for the day.

If it helps, move around throughout the day. After all, a fresh space can mean fresh ideas.

Take regular breaks

Giving yourself some time off from studying at regular intervals (e.g. every 45 minutes) can improve both focus and attention.

No one can concentrate for 5 hours on end, so don’t be discouraged if you need to walk away from the books for a break.

It’s best to plan your day in advance and set time limits; this will help you make realistic targets and avoid procrastination.

Limit screen time

We agree that scrolling through Instagram, swiping on Tinder and searching for memes is a lot more entertaining than learning about 19th-century French literature, revising corporate law or brushing up on your algebra…

… However, social media can be incredibly distracting, reducing your level of concentration.

Try putting your phone on silent or out of sight, away from temptation. Allow yourself some screen time while on a break, but try not to get sucked down the rabbit hole!

Spend some time outdoors

Breaks are great, but they’re better spent outside. Consider breaking up your day by going for a stroll, a run or a bike ride.

Fresh air, exercise and the natural world do wonders for calmness, creativity, happiness and energy – not to mention for our physical health.

(Be sure to follow the NHS and UK government’s guidance on social distancing, which you can find here).

Create a productivity playlist

Music is the marmite of the student world – some people can’t study without it, while others find that it interferes with their thought process.

Sometimes, it’s just a case of finding the right music to suit your mood. There are plenty of readymade ‘chill’, ‘focus’ and ‘pump-up’ playlists out there. You could even make your own.

And for those of you who struggle to concentrate with too much noise, try choosing songs without words.

Leave time for YOU

Student life can be highly stressful and pressured. Staying on top of your mental and physical wellbeing is crucial if you want to achieve your goals.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your leisure time – whether it’s playing video games, reading for pleasure, cooking, doing yoga or going for a run. The most important thing is to give your mind some time out from studying.

We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for home study – get in touch or comment below.